Nestled at the feet of the great Hawaiian volcanoes, Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa, the town of Hilo moves slowly in time. She charms visitor and resident alike with her simple, graceful style. Many buildings and storefronts are much the same as they were back in the days of the sugar plantations. A walk through Hilo is like a walk back in time.

Known for its abundant rain, Hilo keeps her secret that there are plenty of sunny days as well. But even on sunny days the occasional passing cloud is likely to "bless you" with a cooling shower and rainbows galore!

As the most appropriate remembrance of your visit to Hilo, or as a keepsake for residents who must be away from home for awhile,
I present to you...

A hand-crafted glass bead containing real Hilo rainwater is a
unique keepsake from the rainiest city in America!
Each bead averages a half to one inch in length and comes with
a black satin cord long enough to tie. Unfinished at the ends
if you would prefer to transfer your raindrop to a favorite chain.
The perfect gift for friends & loved ones far from home or for
anyone who just loves the rain. Ready to wear or hang in a window.
Available with Goldtone or Silvertone bead cap.

For website orders the cost is $5.00 per necklace plus Shipping & Handling. Paypal adds this charge. Click on the PayPal button under the necklace of your choice.

You may also purchase Hilo Rain Drops at Imiloa Astronomy Center Gift Shop, Pacific Tsunami Museum, and Basically Books in Hilo.





Just as in nature, no two raindrops are alike.

Made on "The Big Island" of Hawaii by:

Hilo Rain Works
PO Box 10193
Hilo, HI 96721

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